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Vedic centre for a better life

Our mission is to enrich the lives of as many people as possible with the help of Vedic Meditation and Vedic view on life. The fees we charge for courses help us fund the Vedic centre and spreading its mission. We award scholarships for interested persons in financial need and the children of meditators organisations for free.

Tomáš Reinbergr

I am grateful I can teach Vedic Medtiation - technique I learned from Tim Mitchell in 2012. I've been practising it passionately twice a day ever since. I am also a yoga teacher, health coach, father of two sons and founder of https://www.vaseliga.cz.

“Thanks to meditation I fall asleep more easily, I'm hardly ever sick I laugh more and have better relationship with my colleagues. It is easier to handle the dramas of life - with detachement. I'm fascinated to see similar changes with new meditors.”

Tomáš was born in 1983 in Nymburk and grew up near Mladá Boleslav. Since 2007 he runs VAŠE LIGA, the largest amateur sports league in the Czech Republic. HE gradually found out that material things never give him lasting satisfaction and started searching inside. In 2012 he met Tim and began meditating. Since then he is much happier with his life and also his relationships with other people have improved. He is healthier and his entrepreneurial activities are more successful.

He also ran a poker business for five years and established one of the largest poker clubs in the Czech Republic. In 2014 he sold it and began to focus more on spreading the Vedic Meditation and coaching. On his website he offers help with nutrition and lifestyle in the form of Fit coaching and also an alternative approach to sport, the so-called conscious sport.

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Conscious Club

Conscious Club is a social event that combines great food, culture, group meditation and a speech by an interesting person. It is a unique combination of fun and horizon broadening. The event takes place in one of Prague’s theatres or cinemas and is designated for successful, modern people, who are interested in the growth of their own as well as the collective consciousness. It does not matter if you meditate or not or what meditation technique you use or– just come and join us. We look forward to meeting you!

We recommend

Come to the Introductory talk!

What is stress? Where is it stored and why is it the killer of this age? And how does meditation help us with its elimination?

Come listen to Tomáš Reinbergr, who will surprise you with a variety of scientific findings and introduce you to Vedic Meditation.

You can then decide for yourself and for free, whether meditation is something for you or not. We look forward to meeting you!

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