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Meditation means higher profit for the company

Thanks to a gradual reduction of stress the employees will enjoy improved health, which leads to fewer absences from work. Also due to regular deep rest their performances and creativity will improve as well as their loyalty to the company and the relations between employees.

How does company meditation look like?

Some companies enable their employees to meditate at work, some only enable their employees to complete the course and those then meditate at home or during the lunch break. Both approaches can bring many benefits to the company.

Some companies reserve a room and time for group meditations. Other companies only allow their employees to meditate individually during the day to recharge their energy and improve their subsequent performances. Meditation doesn’t require absolute quiet so it is easily applicable in any company.

What are the benefits for the company?

  • Higher efficiency and creativity
  • Improved relations with colleagues
  • Higher loyalty
  • Increased resilience against stress
  • Happier employees
  • Reduced employee fluctuation
  • Burnout syndrome prevention
  • Fewer illnesses
  • Higher profits and a more pleasant environment

How can we teach your company to meditate?

If there are only a few people in your company interested in meditation, you can send them to our ordinary meditation course. You can contribute to the course fees or pay the whole price, it’s up to you. However, if you wish to teach meditation to the whole company and gain the maximum benefit of the Vedic Meditation, we will organize a course tailored to your company’s needs.

What precedes the company meditation course?

We recommend that you start by attending the free lecture on stress and meditation. You will learn more about this age’s killer – stress and why meditation is so effective in reducing it. We will also share a lot of interesting scientific findings. Everybody in your company will be able to attend without any commitments and freely decide, whether meditation is something for them or not. The lecture is completely non-binding and even if your company decides not to have a meditation course, the lectures themselves are valuable and enriching.

What will you learn?

During the first day the teacher will teach you a technique that is tailored to your specific personality and temperament. In the following days you will, together with the rest of the group, receive all the information you need about meditation theory and practice.

After completing the course you will be able to meditate individually and thus enjoy the meditation’s benefits for all your life.You will receive answers to all your questions. You will find out how meditation works, how to meditate correctly, when and where to meditate, how to successfully incorporate meditation into your already packed daily schedule etc.

How does the company meditation course look like?

We organise the course if there is a minimum of 10 participants. Unlike the ordinary course the company course consists of 6 sessions. The first 4 will be on successive days, other session will be after 14 days and the last one will be held after one month.

All sessions may be held in the company’s premises; only the first one, when the technique is passed on individually, would be better in a smaller and quieter place outside the company. Part of each session is a group meditation and a time for questions.

  • 1st day
    1.5 hours, several smaller groups Individual instructions
  • 2nd day
    2.5 hours, the whole group Explanation of first meditation experiences
  • 3rd day
    2.5 hours, the whole group Understanding of meditation’s inner workings
  • 4th day
    2.5 hours, the whole group Implementing meditation into our busy lives
  • 14th day
    2.5 hours, the whole group Group meditation, clarifying possible issues
  • 30th day
    2.5 hours, the whole group Group meditation, clarifying possible issues
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Who is the teacher?

Tomáš Reinbergr

I am grateful I can teach Vedic Medtiation - technique I learned from Tim Mitchell in 2012. I've been practising it passionately twice a day ever since. I am also a yoga teacher, health coach, father of two sons and founder of https://www.vaseliga.cz.

“Thanks to meditation I fall asleep more easily, I'm hardly ever sick I laugh more and have better relationship with my colleagues. It is easier to handle the dramas of life - with detachement. I'm fascinated to see similar changes with new meditors.”

More about Tomáš

How much does the course cost?

Price information will be provided to clients individually.

  • 4 sessions, each 1.5-3 hrs depending on translation needs
  • 2 follow up sessions 1-1.5 hrs.
  • learning the complete meditation technique, from which you will benefit your whole life
  • lifelong guarantee that meditation will work for you
  • if you  have any trouble or need advice after the course we provide a consultancy service, or the employee's can attend the public follow up meetings at no or nominal cost
  • opportunity to participate in regular group meditation and ask anything
I want to order a company course

Frequently asked questions

Show him this webpage. Show it to your colleagues to see if they are interested. If yes, try to persuade your boss or the company owner to attend the free lecture about stress and meditation. Contact us and we will arrange it in your company.
Our lectures usually take place in the Friends Coffee House near Venceslass Square in the centre of Prague. It is a calm room with a good accessibility by public transport.
No, during the course we sit comfortably in chairs, there is no need for any special clothing. You can come directly from work in a suit.
No, you can meditate after the course completely alone for the rest of your life.
No. Instead of sharing your life story you will be receiving information. And there really is no touching of others involved. It is not a therapy, but a course full of interesting information
No, the course is intended for people who live modern lives and Vedic Meditation is not a religion. It can be practiced by atheists or people of all religions. Only on the first day, due to respect to the Indian tradition, which this technique comes from, a puja ceremony takes place as a way to give thanks to past teachers. This is the only moment of the whole course that resembles any ceremony. It only takes several minutes, when thanks are given to the tradition of teachers in Sanskrit and flowers and several other things are given to them symbolically.
It is not. You can absorb the information and learn the technique even without notes. However, if you like to write, there is no problem with making notes.
No problem, either you can visit any of the courses that will take place later or, if you excuse yourself in advance, we will renumerate the down payment in full.

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