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Intro talk on stress and meditation

Stress is today’s number one killer. It causes or worsens 90% of all diseases. Even if you one of the lucky ones and enjoy good health, you probably feel the effects of stress at least occasionally and they needlessly reduce your potential.

How to gain more energy and joy from life? Learn to reduce stress! Come and attend our workshop, where the meditation teacher Tomáš Reinbergr introduces a number of interesting findings and offers effective solutions. He will also explain how the 4 nights meditation course looks like. Tom will also explain what does the 4 nights meditation course look like.

What will you learn at the lecture?

  • What is stress? Why do we experience today in one day the same amount of stress as in a whole week 50 years ago?
  • Do we need stress in our lives?
  • How can meditation remove stress as much as 5x more efficiently than sleep?
  • How does Vedic meditation work?
  • Where does Vedic meditation originate from?
  • What is happening in the mind and body during the meditative state?
  • Why meditation isn’t often what we think it is?
  • How does the meditation course look like?
  • Anything, to what do you ask!

The lecturer

Tomáš Reinbergr

I am grateful I can teach Vedic Medtiation - technique I learned from Tim Mitchell in 2012. I've been practising it passionately twice a day ever since. I am also a yoga teacher, health coach, father of two sons and founder of https://www.vaseliga.cz.

“Thanks to meditation I fall asleep more easily, I'm hardly ever sick I laugh more and have better relationship with my colleagues. It is easier to handle the dramas of life - with detachement. I'm fascinated to see similar changes with new meditors.”

More about Tomáš

Basic information about the lecture

  • 1.
    The lecture takes approximately 1 hours
  • 2.
    You will find out why we spend so much time in active mode today and so little in passive mode. What are its effects on our health. Why does meditation improve our sleep, increase creativity, improve mood, optimise our weight etc.
  • 3.
    Price is CZK 100
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Questions and answers

No, the lecture is an independent event with a compact and interesting content. You will receive a lot of information about meditation and it doesn’t matter if you later decide to attend a meditation course or not. There will be no pressure or sales tricks. However, we recommend that those interested in meditation visit this lecture first.
No, during the course we sit comfortably in chairs, there is no need for any special clothing. You can come directly from work in a suit.
No. Instead of sharing your life story you will be receiving information. And there really is no touching of others involved. It is not a therapy, but a course full of interesting information.
Nic se neděje, ale poprosíme vás, abyste nám to dali vědět. Usnadníte nám tím organizaci a přehled o volných místech. Děkujeme.
It is not. You can absorb the information and learn the technique even without notes. However, if you like to write, there is no problem with making notes.
Mostly, there is a small group, up to 20 people. Teacher devotes enough to each of these group and everyone has enough space to ask, publicly or privately.
No, the course is intended for people who live modern lives and Vedic meditation is not a religion. It can be practiced by atheists or people of all religions. Only on the first day, due to respect to the Indian tradition, which this technique comes from, a puja ceremony takes place as a way to give thanks to past teachers. This is the only moment of the whole course that resembles any ceremony. It only takes several minutes, when thanks are given to the tradition of teachers in Sanskrit and flowers and several other things are given to them symbolically.

What do other participants say?

I have problems with resting and that is the main reason I went to Tim’s lessons. Since finishing the course I meditate twice a day and my rest has changed. I have become calmer and view things in a different light. I am also no longer fatigued by sleep deficiency as the meditation really replaced it. Tim has the ability to share a certain gift of serenity, tolerance, inner peace and joy and that’s what I want to learn and develop further by meditating. I am very curious about the development in time after a year, five etc.
Reference 1
Václav Beneš
- management skills coach
The main benefits of meditation for me are: calmer mind, when I am under stress, relaxation, better ability to experience the present moment, better balance (negative things affect me much less), more balanced approach to food and a more harmonious relationship with my choleric husband. As a fresh mother I meditate when I am breast-feeding and this way I recharge my batteries so that I am not tired and am able to fully attend to my daughter.
Reference 2
Lucie Jahodová
- sales director and a breast-feeding mother
Regular meditation has certainly given me a lot of positive effects. Among others I have become calmer, more resilient towards stress, my concentration has improved as well as my immunity and I am more able to stay on the top of things.
Reference 3
Václav Soukop
- Boeing 737 pilot
I would describe myself as an analytic, conservative person. Moreover I am very skeptical and tend to expect negative things in life. Like the majority of employed mothers I am constantly under stress due to a lack of time in the constant cycle of work-school-children’s groups-household. Therefore I approached meditation with skepticism at first. But I soon realized that my life has really changed for the better. Since I started meditating I need much less sleep and despite that I feel rested and full of energy. I also have the feeling that I became a little calmer overall and deal much better with stressful situations, which the life brings each day. Meditation for me is a moment for myself in a busy day, where I become calm and listen to myself.
Reference 4
Olga Zdeňková
- accountant


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