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Who teaches?

Tim Mitchell

An Australian who devoted his whole life to the teaching of Vedic meditation. He has been meditating for over 40 years and gives lectures all over the world. He is also an Ayurveda expert as well as an excellent Ayurvedic cook.

“Vedic meditation has helped me throughout my whole colourful life. Today my greatest joy is to teach this technique and see that surprised and excited look on people’s faces after their first meditation.”

More about Tim

The evening's program

  • 18:00 hod

    Great vegetarian dinner

    In the Lucerna Cafe

  • 19:00 hod

    An inspiring short movie

    Let yourself be surprised

  • 19:45 hod

    Interesting musical show

    Let yourself be surprised

  • 20:30 hod

    Group meditation

    20 minutes with your eyes closed

  • 21:00 hod

    Tim Mitchell‘s lecture

    Why is it good to do it together?
    or How does group meditation work?

  • 21:30 hod

    Dessert and free entertainment

    In the Lucerna Cafe

Due to technical reasons it is not possible to attend the event without prior reservation.

Register for the event

Why visit the Conscious Club?

  • Meet people with similar interests and a common way of thinking.
  • Experience the beneficial effects of group meditation.
  • Enjoy great vegetarian food and dessert.
  • Come regardless of your meditation technique – and if you do not meditate at all, it does not matter!
  • Enjoy art shows and let yourselves be inspired by an interesting lecture.
  • Prague is the first in Europe to organize CC. They are also newly being created in the UK and USA.


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